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First PresbFyterian-Dardanelle's beginning dates to between the years 1848-1852(depending on which record is read).  Generally, First Presbyterian claims 1850 as its date of origin.

The first building, a few blocks from the present site, was taken by Federal forces during the Civil War and the church was compensated for the loss in the late 1800s. 

The second site for the congregation still stands as a house between South Second and Third Streets on Pecan Street.

The third and present location at North Second and Quay Streets was constructed in the years 1912-14.  The women of the church were noted for their efforts in raising money for the building by picking cotton(which then was a large part of the local economy).  As well, seeing a picture of the women in the cotton fields, Ferdinand Hopkins(cousin to Johns Hopkins) from New York state donated a substantial amount for the construction.

The present building is on the National Historic Register and the congregation proudly maintains the building and grounds not only for those who worship here, but for the sake of the community.  The stained glass windows attract a number of young couples to use the sanctuary for their weddings. 

In 2001 the Fellowship Hall was dedicated as a needed addition.  Purchased and donated by members, the old automobile garage was remodeled to provide a place for eating, a kitchen with industrial appliances, and a stage for performances.  It also has restrooms, a classroom, and a shower room(to help if persons need to be housed at a time of disaster or need).
Oil Painting-look of Cross

More recently a member donated the creation of a Prayer & Meditation Garden with a sculptured cross commissioned by a local artist.  Again, the beauty is available for the entire community to enjoy.

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