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About Us

First Presbyterian Church is one of 89 Presbyterian Church(USA) congregations in the Presbytery of Arkansas(northern two-thirds of state).  The church places first and foremost a belief(trust) in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. 

Additionally, being of the 'Reformed tradition' we believe that God in and through us is always reforming(and transforming) us.  Trusting in Sovereign God and God's covenant-relationship(no if/then clauses or termination) with us, we believe we are elected(predestined or chosen) to respond to God in loving and caring ways.  In other words, we are 'saved to serve.'

Our form of government is representative.  The local church is governed by a Session made up of ruling-elders who rotate in terms of service.  Aside the local congregation is the presbytery where presbyters(ruling-elders and teaching-elders or ministers) periodically come together to worship and make decisions.  Aside the presbytery there is a synod. We are in the Synod of the Sun(Ark,TX,OK, LA).  And denomination-wide there is the General Assembly(GA),  it holds biennial assemblies for decision-making.

We believe that both our theological interpretations and governance to be under the unique and authoritative guidance of the Holy Scriptures.  And, while certain beliefs are encouraged, it is held that one in good conscience  may come to personal understandings.

Commonly, we hold that God's grace through Jesus Christ has been given to humanity  unconditionally though undeserved. We understand from the life of God in Jesus Christ that God's love is inclusive rather than exclusive and that God is in control of salvation---as God first moved to love us.

So, regardless of who, where, or what one is, God loves you and we respond by loving God and each other.

WelcomeOpportunitiesAbout UsNews-EventsRecent Sermon